Hotel for dogs

Board your dog:

Heated pavilions, each with their own outside run.This allows freedom to lounge inside or out during those warm days of late spring, summer and early fall. Each pavilion includes a bed (sleeping cot) and bedding, if desired. We look after pet-guests as if they were our own, that’s why they are being walked at least twice a day, every day.

After staying in our Hotel your dog will come back home happy and relaxed as ever!

What to bring:

– your dog’s own food and treats are best to keep stomach upsets to a minimum

(If preferred, we supply good quality Royal Canin dry food, at no extra charge. We will supply bowls!)

– a favourite toy or blanket can be comforting

– medication, if necessary (we administer meds at no extra charge)

– special care and feeding instructions

– emergency contact information (very important as this person must be entrusted to provide appropriate guidance in owner’s absence)

– each guest must bring proof of vaccination

Any questions? Contact us!

Hotel for dogs in Warsaw